Saturday, September 21, 2013

A fun thrift store find...Plus some HALLOWEEN fun!

Hope you are having a wonderful Monday!
Lately, my trips to the thrift stores have been "far and few between".....However, last Tuesday I had some spare time and I dropped by my favorite 2nd hand store.
 I found this little number...a very 70's vanity table bench/settee..."gold" included!!...Do you remember your Mom or Grandma having one just like it?.....I do!...LOL.....At first, I thought she would be a great addition to the breakfast nook table but after some fall re-arranging....she is sitting in my entry way. She was a bit dirty and needed some cleaning but other than, in perfect condition.
I added a pillow I already had, it added a much needed soft seat!

I think she's a nice companion to Mr. Crow.
......and the bats!!

The bats were Little Vine's idea.....Little Vine is eight and she wants scary decor for Halloween.The problem is...Mama Vine
Is not a fan of scary!...I figured the "bats" and crow were a good compromise.
I know we may be a little early but she is dying to get out the Halloween stuff!...I found my bat template @ MarthaStewart ......
I printed off the bat template, traced them onto black poster board and Little Vine cut them out....Super easy!....She put those bats all over the house!

             You may be wondering how we are getting them to stick....I'm using Command strips.

Have fun making your house "scary".....I'm sure you are dying to see where else she put those bats..;)...Thanks for coming by!



  1. i love that little bench- your pillow is the perfect touch!

  2. Great find at the thrift store. I love it's curves and I looks wonderful in your entry way. I'm not a fan of spooky either. I have tried, and tried spooky decor but I find it's just not me. The kids love it though. Your bats are very cute, and not tooo scary! More like posh scary. LOL.

  3. Hey Lisa! Welcome back! :) I've missed your inspiration, your vanity bench is perfect there and your fresh, edited style is fun to see again!

  4. You are back to blogging! My life can now go on! I have something to look forward to! Yea for me!