Monday, August 19, 2013

My WEST ELM attempt...

Holy Moly.....Long- time NO BLOGGING....Between work and family...Well, you know drill!
I may have not been chronicling my projects but I have been sneaking a few in now and then....I had some time today and thought I would share....
Six months back, on the way home from a meeting in Mid-Town Dallas....
I made a stop @ WEST ELM...OH, how I love that place! 
Most everything in that store makes me GIDDY!
For example...."the Patchwork Dresser"
When I saw this, I wasn't SO SAD about selling my last mid-century dresser...haha! However, I was on the lookout for another mid century dresser...
The different finishes on this piece speak to me.....How about you!

You can imagine my delight when I came across this dresser....My mind was churning, trying to decide how to mimic/knockoff a similar look. The dresser cost $45, a steal IMO!

I removed the drawers and painted the main frame and outside drawers white.
With the frame/outside drawers painted white, I figured the easiest way to achieve a similar "patchwork dresser" look was to leave the middle three drawers the original finish....All the original hardware was in great shape so I cleaned them and put them back on the dresser.


 Here is the finished look!

Thanks WEST ELM for the inspiration!
You may notice the chair next to the dresser as the chair I showed you in my last post....she is now sporting a new look!



  1. LOVE IT, lisa! and welcome back!!! how happy i was to see this post in my blogroll today!

  2. Welcome back, Lisa. What a great post. It's a great look! xo Diana

  3. Welcome back!!! Love that dresser :) Hope you and your family have been well.

  4. Welcome back! I'm glad that I kept looking for new posts on your blog. The dresser looks great - as do all of your projects.