Saturday, September 21, 2013

More FALL/HALLOWEEN for your viewing pleasure!

Hope you are having a great day!
There is so much great Fall/Halloween decorating on Pinterest and in Blogland...I'm really enjoying all the great ideas and creativity! It's very inspirational!

I'll share a little of the Vintage Vine House with you today!

Last week's post gives you the details on the DIY bats.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

A fun thrift store find...Plus some HALLOWEEN fun!

Hope you are having a wonderful Monday!
Lately, my trips to the thrift stores have been "far and few between".....However, last Tuesday I had some spare time and I dropped by my favorite 2nd hand store.
 I found this little number...a very 70's vanity table bench/settee..."gold" included!!...Do you remember your Mom or Grandma having one just like it?.....I do!...LOL.....At first, I thought she would be a great addition to the breakfast nook table but after some fall re-arranging....she is sitting in my entry way. She was a bit dirty and needed some cleaning but other than, in perfect condition.
I added a pillow I already had, it added a much needed soft seat!

I think she's a nice companion to Mr. Crow.
......and the bats!!

The bats were Little Vine's idea.....Little Vine is eight and she wants scary decor for Halloween.The problem is...Mama Vine
Is not a fan of scary!...I figured the "bats" and crow were a good compromise.
I know we may be a little early but she is dying to get out the Halloween stuff!...I found my bat template @ MarthaStewart ......
I printed off the bat template, traced them onto black poster board and Little Vine cut them out....Super easy!....She put those bats all over the house!

             You may be wondering how we are getting them to stick....I'm using Command strips.

Have fun making your house "scary".....I'm sure you are dying to see where else she put those bats..;)...Thanks for coming by!


Monday, August 19, 2013

My WEST ELM attempt...

Holy Moly.....Long- time NO BLOGGING....Between work and family...Well, you know drill!
I may have not been chronicling my projects but I have been sneaking a few in now and then....I had some time today and thought I would share....
Six months back, on the way home from a meeting in Mid-Town Dallas....
I made a stop @ WEST ELM...OH, how I love that place! 
Most everything in that store makes me GIDDY!
For example...."the Patchwork Dresser"
When I saw this, I wasn't SO SAD about selling my last mid-century dresser...haha! However, I was on the lookout for another mid century dresser...
The different finishes on this piece speak to me.....How about you!

You can imagine my delight when I came across this dresser....My mind was churning, trying to decide how to mimic/knockoff a similar look. The dresser cost $45, a steal IMO!

I removed the drawers and painted the main frame and outside drawers white.
With the frame/outside drawers painted white, I figured the easiest way to achieve a similar "patchwork dresser" look was to leave the middle three drawers the original finish....All the original hardware was in great shape so I cleaned them and put them back on the dresser.


 Here is the finished look!

Thanks WEST ELM for the inspiration!
You may notice the chair next to the dresser as the chair I showed you in my last post....she is now sporting a new look!


Monday, October 22, 2012

"Rattan" a new favorite of mine!!

For several months now, I have been on the lookout for "rattan" chair's...One like this.
Macau Armchair with Casters
Ballard Designs
Actually, I have been on the lookout for "rattan" anything! Tables, chairs, frames and even bar stools.
Several weeks ago, I found a rattan chair, similar to the one in the Ballard's Catalog for only $12, at my local thrift store....BTW, the Ballard's one is $279......I almost screamed with excitement.....Needless to say I scooped it up, paid my $12 + tax and headed for the door!

The chair was in really great shape but the brown fabric had to go.....I added new fabric for the cushion
using some leftover drop cloth from previous projects. Here she sits, "waiting", to see if I get the guts up to paint her.......Any opinions, or experience on painting rattan?...I'm thinking it may not be the easiest project! 

I have several more "rattan" pieces I have picked up.....I'll give you a sneak peek...

Bar stools....$3.99 each

another chair $2.50

Can't wait to show you how they turned out...Stay tuned and thanks for coming by!
I'll be sharing @ Coastal Charm

Monday, October 1, 2012

Client Project....I sooooo wanted to keep this mid-century dresser!

Good Morning! Thanks for all your sweet comments about my  new headboard.
Hope your day is shaping up nicely!! Before I head out for the day to my job "outside" my home....haha!
I thought I would share my latest painted mid-century dresser, I just finished it for a client/friend.......I had a hard time giving up this little beauty....and I think you can see why!

I bought this, specifically, for a client friend of mine....I was in love with it the moment I bought it!.......She picked it up last week. When she came to get it, this is how it looked, "staged" in my entry.
She had a big smile on her face when she walked in and saw it and I had a tear in my eye as she drove away, haha!
My favorite part of this dresser is the gold hardware (all original), it just needed a little cleaning.

Here is how I found this dresser in all it's very "brown" glory!!! I paid around $70 for it, which is a little more than I usually try and pay. However, I knew it was perfect for my friends house, so we went with it.

Now I am on the lookout for another one of these....So I can keep it!!!
Enjoy this gorgeous thing one more time, I'm still wiping away a tear, haha!

Have a great day and thanks for coming by!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

An update in the Master Bedroom..A new headboard!

Hello Blogger Friends...Hope everyone had a wonderful summer! This summer was a busy time for me ...Between the kids and work, I did not have much time to update you on my projects around the house.
Not to mention, we got a new one of THESE!
I had forgot how much WORK a new puppy is!

Last time we talked, I was working on my son's room...I had a bit of a "set back" with his dresser...I'll update you later on how that all turned out.

 Since I had some time...(kids back in school) YEA!.....I thought I would update you on my latest Master Bedroom project.
TA DA, a new headboard......I am very happy with the cleaner look it gives my room.
Whoa!...It seems forever ago, that I was working on the makeover in my Master Bedroom, you can read about it here.
You may remember last spring, I had put up the stencil and MDF and was trying to decide if I should have a headboard or not.

Headboard? Headboard?

...My old headboard was a cheap "brass bed", $5 at a garage sale and then spray painted with Krylon Oil Bronze.....No love lost on that! HAHA!...I figured it was time to move it out and try something new.

More like this....

Here is how I made it......

Cut a plywood board 76x31, double wrapped it in quilt batting. Used a 6x9 painters drop cloth for the cover. Since we already had the plywood, left over from another project, this headboard project was a "cheapy"...about $40 for materials.

To give the headboard some personality, I added some salvaged upholstery nail heads......I got them from these chairs, I am finishing for a client.

Since we wanted to hang the headboard on the wall, hubby added to the back, anchored in with screws, 2 heavy duty hanging hooks to the back...
Here's one more look.

There are a few more changes/updates in the Master Bedroom.....Stay tuned!
Thanks for coming by!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Numbered Gray Dresser for my Son's Room.....Not so sure I like it!

Hope you are having a wonderful day!....How is your week going?
Mine has hit a snag.....
Have you ever felt after a project is finished.....
"Wait, wait....this is just not the look I wanted"? Well, that's how I am feeling after painting my son's old dresser.......
You may remember me posting about my son's room last week....He was out of town on a Church Mission trip and I took that opportunity to surprise him with a room redo and our version of DIY pallet bed

In addition to making him a pallet bed  for his room, I was also working on updating his old dresser. 
He has had this dresser since he was 4.....He is 16 now, it's been around our house for a few years!
I wanted to find a color very close to the color of his bedding..I used a Martha Stewart color called Zinc....You may remember Cassie @ Primitive and Proper using this color here on her mantle..Great color!

I sanded, primed and painted the dresser and then printed off numbers for the last 3 drawers..I used carbon paper to trace the numbers on the drawers and then painted them in with a the same white paint I used on my kitchen cabinets. You can find my tutorial on printing, tracing and painting numbers and letters here
After the numbers were painted on. I then sanded heavy on the numbers to give them a worn look.

I added some knobs I already had......Then I enlisted Hubby to help me with the rope pulls we put on the top 2 drawers.

So here is the old dresser finished...AKA, the numbered gray dresser.......HOWEVER, as I said, sometimes we win and sometimes we lose!!!
While I really like the dresser, I don't think it fits his room....Maybe it feels a little too juvenile to me.

I even went to the trouble to drag it upstairs, knowing, I would not like it!.......So any opinions, I am sure you are thinking the same thing....."too juvenile for a 16 year old room".....So I am back to the drawing board, trying to find a dresser for his room.....Maybe a trip to the thrift store is in order...."oh, darn", wink, wink!

So wish me's to hoping my thrift store is full of possibilities!